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Cuijine is a cuisine from the heart, revisited, responsible, la map is

reinvented and renewed over the seasons to make you enjoy 

of the best products and to offer you a generous kitchen,

tasty and surprising.

I have always been an epicurean.

I like to cook for others, share friendly moments

and offer a warm and tasty cuisine.


My love for gastronomy and my passion for culinary creation 

pushed me to create Cuijine.

My Vietnamese and Martinican origins

as well as my many travels influenced me in the development  

of my dishes: aromatic spicesand subtle mingle

with exotic flavorsfrom fruits and vegetables around the world.

I also offer dishes that respect the seasonality of the product

and with regional fruits and vegetables. 

My 10 years of restaurant experience in Paris as well as my exchanges

withexpertsin gastronomy allowed me to enrich my culinary creativity

and get startedin the adventureas a home chef and caterer for over 7 years.

Discuss with my clients, whether through our stories and our experiences,

is my priority and allows me to constantly improve myself in my job and to develop my dishes.


Justine Nguyen






Do you want to organize a special event such as a funeral

young girl's life,a wedding, an original birthday or other,

Cuijine will endeavor to offer you the appropriate service.

Chef at home or caterer, the price of the service includes travel,

the purchase of food, the preparation of the meal and its service,your kitchen storage.

We offer menus of different ranges

in order to adapt to all budgets,do not hesitate to ask for your personalized quote,

we are committed to makingyour most enjoyable experiencewith a real

spirit of welcome and sharing.

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